.arif began to start his journey as a singer since a tragedy that happened to him in 2010, resulting in a lost sense of sight, Unconsciously, Music has helped grow his spirit through art-works that he create, As a singer coming from Bali-Indonesia, he also frequently writes lyrics and produces songs, both for his own Discography and his clients.


How Could We

The idea of " How Could We " .arif's personal experience qhen he broke up with his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhilw, his ex-girlfriend made out with another guy. Otherwise l, she still made calls to .arif and said that she's still in love with .arif . Yet it's so confusing so .arif wrote " How Could You Love Someone, When You Kiss Another One? " on behalf of his own experience which he believes that it could relates to his listener's experience.

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A Night in the Coffee Shop

" A Night in the Coffee Shop " tells how .arif Eventually could fall in love again by his experience in a Coffee Shop. This song tells a story of .arif's Experience when his feelings naturally "fell into another heart" after a year of solitude. It could be means " love at the first sight in a Coffee Shop ". By .arif's own style of writing lyrics.

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After a year without Releasing any Discography, .arif choose to Produce " Unspoken " for his comeback as a singer-songwriter. Furthermore, " Unspoken " stands for an Untold Feelings, specificly in love. " Unspoken " describes how a person's feelings could be smolder, but have nothing to say.

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Tetap Disini

After his 3 Discography in English, .arif have decided to Release his 1st Song in Bahasa Indonesia called " Tetap Disini " that describes how a person could be loyal to their ex-soulmate, Eventhough their ex-soulmate have left for years, " Sometimes we couldn't describe how much we love them, then you'd only know it when they're gone. It is your decision to stay for them and it sounds naive, but that's the point. Love is what you feel, not what you think of "

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